Cut a piece of softflex (or similar wire, but I recommend softflex) about 4 inches longer than the desired choker length. String on the top bead of the first RAW cross you made, add an accent bead, then the next cross.  Continue until all the crosses are strung on the softflex.  
Add your findings on the end.  I usually add a 3 to 4 size 6 seeds on both ends.. it makes it easier to add the findings and I think looks nicer!
If you still have a sizable piece of thread left over from the RAW step, you can use it now. If not just add another couple of yards and work the thread until it's coming out of one of the bottom of the crosses.  
Pick up 5 size 11 seeds, the crystal, another seed, a roundel and another seed.  Turn your needle back into the roundel the seed, the crystal, and the 1st seed, then add 4 more seeds.  you should end up with a dangle shaped like a "y"
Work your thread so it's coming out of the bottom bead of the next cross, and do another dangle, until done.  
Tie off your threads and you're done! Good Job!!!
click here for the earrings!!
@ Kat BarronMiller of Midnight Kat Productions, 1999

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