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Well, my real name is Kat, but every since I had my little girl, I find I mentally think in terms of  "MommaKat" instead of plain old' Kat.  You know, everything in my world is now filtered by the reality of momhood..  parents out there know exactly what I mean.   My site (like most!) is still a work in progress.  
I've been doing beadwork for 3 years, but I just started selling it the last few months. My company name is Midnight Kat Productions because the only time I can do beadwork is in the wee hours. Why only then? Refer to the first section, the part about being a "mom"!   The hazards of having a 2-1/2 old are many I'm afraid, though the main causality is time!  But she's well worth it!  One of my pages features pictures of her in all her glory.  Most of the pages feature my beadwork.  If you have any comments or are interested in a certain piece (even if marked sold) let me know, I will do custom work.  just drop me an e-mail.

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My first stabs at beading
I'm getting better and starting on my own designs.
Fairies and chokers (click here for choker instructions!!)
mummy necklace and a Bedouin necklace
My Celtic Dragon necklace, 1-1/2 years in the making
my prayer bead necklace and warnings on super-glue
pictures of my beadroom
MY russian necklace, and misc new stuff
Choker instructions!
cat clown and regular clown in brick!
pictures of my pride and joy!  Oh yeah, some of my Wedding and family too.
Join BeadsInFashion, one of the coolest email groups for beading!!  
Links to fellow beaders, and sites that I personally love hanging out on !
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