This Choker is quick and easy to make and since it's reinforced with beading wire, it's very sturdy  The matching earrings work well by themselves also.
you will need size 6 and 11 seeds, crystals, flat disk beads or roundels 4-6 mm beads (on the diagram they are the pink/purple) thread, needles and softflex.  
First you need to make a right angle weave (RAW) cross.  This is much easier than it sounds.  Take 3 yards of thread, add a needle to either end.  Now pick up 4 size 6 beads.  Adjust the beads so they are in the middle of the thread.  now take one needle and go trough the last bead in the opposite direction, as shown.
Add another bead.  The needles should be on both side of the bead.
Using the bottom needle, pick up 2, and using the top pick up 1 bead.  the thread with one needle now needs to go trough the 2nd on the bottom, draw tight!  
Ok, here's the only hard part to this project.. making sure your accent beads ( 4-6mm) "fit" between the top beads of the crosses.  Take a piece of thread and temporary thread the accent bead between the tops of your crosses.
this is wrong, you want the accent bead to fit between the crosses, ideally you want the crosses to curve inward, just alittle! This will give the choker a wonderful rounded drape on the  neck!
Like this! this diagram only has 1 bead in between  the crosses, but you might need 2 or 3. Play with it until you get the right interval for the crosses.  
Ok, the hard part is done.  Take out the temporary thread, and  just continue making crosses until you have the desired length of the choker.  make sure your tension is tight.
click here for step 2!
@ Kat BarronMiller of Midnight Kat Productions, 1999

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