The Earrings
the earrings start out exactly like the choker, with a RAW cross like this:
Take one of the needles, add a size 6 seed the same color (if possible) of the accent bead, go through the next bead of the cross, add the accent color seed, until you are back where you started.
Add the dangle the same was as the choker, pick up 5 seeds, the crystal, 1 seed, 1 rondell and 1 seed, and go back up, adding 4 seeds to form the "y" shape.  Secure your thread and tie off.  Taking up the other needle, work to the top bead, add 9 seeds to create the earring loop.  Run back through the seeds a couple of times for strenght, and secure and tie off.  
This is what the finished earring looks like.  The choker takes me about 3 hours to do, and the earrings whip out in 1/2 hour.. I sold a set in red & black for $50.00 !!
@ Kat BarronMiller of Midnight Kat Productions, 1999
 Mass production is prohibited without approval of copywrite holder, but personal use including "pen money" is welcome.. just let me see the finished item and let me know how much you got! (grin)
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