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The dragon measures 15" by 10" counting the fringe.. I couldn't get it all on the scanner.  I'll try to get an all in one picture soon!
This started out as copy-write free image from the dover series. I've modified several aspects of the original pattern, such as turned the heads around and put in a different place.  I've been working on this off and on for a 1-1/2 years.  It was  referred to around our house as " bane of my existance"  As usual it took 10 times longer to finish than I ever dreamed it would. This is also the 3rd attempt.  I wanted it to look very distinct from a distance, and I only got that by adding black around the primary colors.   Most importantly, I've learned so much just doing it. My tension is much better, and I'm getting a better eye for design and colors.  (well I think! ;-0)  I also combine brick and peyote to do the increases, something I didn't know how to do until now!  Made of japanese 11's in 3 different yellows, 3 different reds, transparent matte jade, and matte black. I randomly mixed the reds/yellows, I was trying to get a scaly effect. The fringe is  fire-polished czech glass and crystals, the clasp is a vintage black button.  The clasp is woven into the peyote with the newest product from the soft-flex people, soft-touch.  It worked perfectly!
One of my first attempts, before I added black as the outline color.
I tried several colors before settling on the red/yellow/green.

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