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Order of the Arrow 1: Christmas 98, a present for my dad, it's a kerchief slide for his scout uniform.  I hold this up as an example of the power of computers.  I designed this by downloading a graphic of the indian from a boy scout site, then blew up several times before printing out a copy, laid a 2 drop transparency over it, scanned it and there you go!  2 drop peyote from delicas, mounted on leather.
--- private collection
These are based on patterns found in "The magic of Beaded Spherical Nets" by Merry Makela .. highly recommend the book, these are fast and easy to make.  Japanese seeds and czech crystal
---- sold.  
pattern from Beaded Images II by Barbara Elbe.  She has made brick stitch a high art.  Delicas
Spiral chains/ear-rings, Christmas 1998.  all of these were Christmas presents for family members, all were well received.  Spirals are quick and take very little concentration.  I learned this from the Hillsinger site .  Anne has another great stitch in her classroom and her bead box is to die for!!   made with japanese seeds, crystals and vintage beads
-- private collections